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About Dory Designs

I’ve had a passion for fabric and creating things since I was six years old, when I first started sewing. Later, I became a trained fashioned designer and went onto specialize in haute couture.

I started my etsy shop in 2006. Please feel free to visit my etsy shop and read the wonderful reviews I received over the years.

My items are made to order. I make them one at a time with attention to details so when your bag arrives, you know that I made it especially for you. I make sure before I ship the item to the customer that the item is impeccable.

I do everything for each item. I choose fabrics, design, cut and sew each one myself. My family helps me with packaging and shipping. I especially love to design and create pieces that are durable, functional, timeless and fashionable.

The materials that I use (waxed canvas and leather) are made in the USA

Currently, I have created an original design for the Dopp Kit with the highest quality of waxed canvas. My shop also includes laptop sleeves, tote bags, gadget pouches, a unique collection of decorative throw pillows and new creations are on the horizon!

Each order is completed and shipped within 5 business days.

Feel free to reach me at